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It is frequently difficult especially for small companies to provide suitable staffing for bookkeeping purposes with respect to the fact that their staff can hardly achieve sufficient qualification to be able to cope with the complexity of accounting standards and tax regulations and their constant changes. Therefore our company’s offer of services includes accounting agenda starting from assumption of primary accounting records and ending with processing of output information in form of financial statements. We can also provide our client with accounting supervision services which consist in continuous assistance of our accounting specialists to the client’s staff and in professional surveillance of its bookkeeping. We provide accounting advice also to companies which have their own qualified accounting staff because the possibility to discuss problems with our accounting specialists, auditors, tax advisers as well as cooperating lawyers represents a guarantee of finding or verifying the correct solution to the most difficult accounting transactions. To facilitate the professional education of our clients’ economic department staff, we organize regular training sessions which are lectured by executive staff of the Ministry of Finance of the Czec Republic.

The fundamental services offered in this field are:

- transformation of financial statements to standard IAS/IFRS or US GAAP
- IAS/IFRS application consultancy
- continuous processing of the client’s accounting records
- preparation of financial statements and accounting statements
- accounting supervision
- accounting reconstruction 
- stocktaking
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