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We provide all auditing services. We usually carry out audits on an ongoing basiswith the objective of anticipating problems. This usually means that we check a company’s accounting twice during the second semester of the current year, and as soon as the client prepares the annual financial statement, we carry out its final audit.

For large companies we provide inventory verifications through independent surveillance. An undisputed advantage for our clients is that audits are always attended by a responsible auditor who is prepared to provide our client with qualified advisory services on the spot. Our clients thus do not have to contact other experts in our company regarding their problems and everything can besolved during the standing audit.

Thanks to the auditor’s attendance at the audit the client receives an “added value” consisting notably in acquisition of new knowledge in the field ofmanagement and finances. We do not bother our clients with any “auditing bureaucracy”, and the client does not have to prepare any special surveys, tables etc., provided that the necessary data are available in some form. Another advantage is that our auditing teams have low staff turnover, which means that a client cooperating with our company avoids having to deal with ever-new auditors and having to explain repeatedly its methods of bookkeeping, the nature of its business, business relations and other facts having an impact on the course and results of auditing.

We offer notably the following auditing services:

- verification of financial statements, consolidated financial statements and annual reports drawn up pursuant to Czech accounting regulations as well as international accounting standards - IAS/IFRS or US GAAP
- verification of other data pursuant to special legislation
- verification of other economic information in the extent stipulated by a contract concluded with the client (e.g. verification of accuracy and integrity of information prepared for prospective investors within due diligence, observation of obligations stipulated by the Sarbanes Oxley Act etc.).
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