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The group HAYEK holding consists of HAYEK, spol. s.r.o., holding (formerly HLB HAYEK),which was founded in 1991 and deals with auditing, accounting and tax advice,and HAYEK TAX, spol. s r.o., holding, founded in 2001 and specialized exclusively in tax
services.The founder and only partner in both companies is the auditor and tax adviser Ing. Ivan Hayek, who is a much-sought specialist in the field of business combination including company transformations,acquisitions and due diligence.

The group HAYEK holding has long belonged among the leading auditing companies and tax consultants in the Czech Republic ( out of the total number of 338 auditing companies operating in the Czech Republic, HAYEK, spol. s r.o., holding secured the 16th position according to the sales acquired for provision of auditing services in 2005).

HAYEK holding’s working team consists of specialists accredited in accordance with the Czech legislation and trained in
accordance with international standards. All the auditors, tax advisers and assistants have extensive professional knowledge and longstanding practical experience in the given field. The size of the team makes it possible to carry out audits and provide tax services for any company in the Czech Republic, it is however our intention not to be oversized to be able to perceive any technical problem our client might have as a personal of participating specialists and the partner of our company. The size of our team therefore enables the partner to continuously manage and control performance of individual orders and together with responsible staff seek optimal solutions with respect to the client’s interests. This results in efficient provision of first-class and timely services with an excellent cost/performance ratio.

In addition to Czech you can communicate with us in English and Russian.

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